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Why a Free Press is Important for the US and any Country that Wants to be Free
01/11/2017 Free Press Benjamin R
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Even though some people in the US are celebrating the end of the lame stream media, it's critical to remember that extremists and dictators usually benefit the most when reporters aren't allowed to do their jobs properly. You can see this in America. The main stream media allowed Obama to pass a health care law most Americans did not want without even reading what he was signing.

Obama became president without even having to answer any questions about what he was doing in Pakistan in the early 1980s at a Madrassa.

Moreover, this reminder comes from one of the year-end reports of Reporters Without Borders which shows 74 citizen and professional journalists were killed during in 2016. One of them was decapitated, James Foley, and when Obama was told about it he continued to play golf with a celebrity. Wow! That is cold!

A Killer Report

The roundup or report says some of them were even killed while they were out reporting as just mentioned. They are the ones who have been targeted with deadly violence. Almost 75 percent of the journalists killed around the world were deliberate murders. See James Foley!

This report also documents the death of journalists like Zainab Mirzaee, Mehri Azizi, and Mariam Ebrahimi who were killed when their minibus was targeted in Kabul, Afghanistan by a suicide bomber.

But no journalists were killed in 2016 in America which is not really surprising. There are no claims of parity being made regarding what goes on in the US and what's happening in Syria. But you would have to be misguided to dismiss the increasing assaults on the press in America.

Restricted Access

Liberals are hitting back at the pro-business and American loving Donald Trump for vilifying the dishonest press during his campaign rallies and "thank you" tours, but it's not like President Obama championed them in any way so it seems the left is being hypocritical again!

Obama restricted the coverage of the activities of his administration more than any other modern president. We know he was working private with Iran on the disastrous and dangerous Iran nuclear deal for one. On top of this, he sought criminal charges against the people who were involved with press leaks of any sort. There's no way that Donald Trump can do anything worse than that. So where is the left on this?

At the same time, the increase of citizen journalists is quite commendable especially when they are given a chance to report news and have the desire to label their own opinion as just that.

Citizen journalists are helping fill up all the gaps when it comes to places such as Aleppo where danger and violence are very extreme, and various news agencies have had to withdraw their reporters altogether. This is a necessity which helps explain why the number of journalist deaths since 2015 have fallen.

Matter of Concern

Diminished reporting in these regions is something which needs to concern Americans though. Not only are the advisers and troops deployed in such hot spots, they are also triggers when it comes to international confrontations. You have to get the right information to the populous. If you cannot do this, then people will have a difficult time evaluating if their leaders are making the right moves or not. In countries like Cuba or North Korea where people do not matter, a free press is pushed aside and is actually outlawed. Countries like this do not care about their citizens and want their citizens to be uninformed and ignorant. They do not want their populous to be free because autocrats care more about their power rather than their own people reaching their potential.

Furthermore, citizen journalists are valuable when they have the ability and freedom to behave as professional journalists. There clearly aren't enough of them to replace a professional reporter, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be given an opportunity to try.

America still has a free press which many other countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Russia, and China do not. So we have to state this salient fact.
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