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Donald Trump Wants to Use Couriers Not Email since it is Not Safe
01/07/2017 Donald Trump Benjamin R
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Donald Trump, the President-elect of the United States, has said that computers aren't safe as far as information and privacy is concerned. He expressed skepticism regarding online communication security within his administration. Trump hardly uses computers or email despite tweeting frequently.

Courier Service

He said that he didn't care what everyone said, if he had something important, he would deliver it using courier since he doesn't feel any computer is safe. Well, it certainly is not safe if you use password as your password right Democrats?

Trump has cast all allegations by US intelligence agencies repeatedly in the past with regard to Russia influencing the election process with hacking. President Obama has also ordered sanctions on spy agencies in Russia recently apart from expelling thirty-five diplomats from the country and closing down a couple of Russian compounds.

What is hilarious and unnerving is that Russia has blown passenger planes out of the sky, invaded other countries, bombed hospitals, and so on and Obama has not done anything about this. In fact, the Democrats did not even seem to care.

Trump, who said he planned on meeting intelligence officials soon to learn about all the allegations said he wanted US officials to be certain since the charges were quite serious. He said that there were many intelligence failures with regard to the WMD's in Iraq prior to the invasion and so on. But it really does not matter what Russia did since the Democrats were caught with their hand in the cookie jar, proved many of them are racist and petty people, immoral and selfish. On top of this, none of this changed one vote.

The Dems fail to acknowledge their candidate was inferior.

Hacking Knowledge

He said he knew quite a bit regarding hacking and it's something that is difficult to prove. He even cryptically added that he knew things that others didn't. So there's no way of being certain of any situation. We do know that Hillary violated her duties as Secretary of State and used her position to enrich her own foundation. That is unbecoming.

During his time as a candidate and during his transition to the White House, Trump has scoffed at traditions on numerous occasions. He allows reporters to follow him wherever he goes and lets the public know his whereabouts at all times. Not long after being elected, he did go for a dinner in Manhattan with his family without telling anyone where he was going.

He wanted privacy with his family.

The White House depends on having journalists at the ready all the time in order to relay the first comments of the president on any breaking news but these journalists are not going to be from the mainstream media anymore.

Press Camping

Trump's aides have tried offering greater access recently and even let reporters camp outside a Mar-a-Lago doorway to document the arrival and departure of Cabinet candidates and staff. They also gave information regarding his meeting schedule out.

One of the last comments he gave to the press was regarding his New Year's resolution which was a very simple one, "Make America great again." And if you believe America is great now you are either ignorant or dishonest, either one is pitiful.

As far as the courier industry is concerned though, which has had a tough time staying relevant in this age, they are more than happy about this. Why wouldn't they be? When the leader of the free world is supporting them, they will certainly see their business getting a mighty boost because of it.
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