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Donald Trump is Planning More Tweeting among Other Things
01/07/2017 Donald Trump Benjamin R
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Donald Trump plans to do a lot of big things once he's sworn in, but at the same point in time, he has no intention of getting off Twitter. Why would he? He and America cannot trust the New York Times! Why not bypass the filth?

Twitter Power

When asked what the one big thing people can expect from him once he takes office, he said there wouldn't just be a single big thing, there will be multiple big things and it is going to start real soon. After seeing all these jobs go overseas and America look pitiful in the eyes of the world, this cannot happen soon enough.

Among other things, he is going to sign a number of executive orders right away in order to repeal actions and regulations which have been taken during the course of the last 8 years which have hampered job creation and economic growth. Here we go!

It has also been confirmed that he is going to institute a ban of 5 years on all senior officials from leaving the government to become a lobbyist. He would also be issuing a lifetime ban on anybody who is interested in serving foreign governments.

Unconventional Policies

He said that he would continue making his controversial and unusual policy statements through Twitter. It's not necessarily a bad thing, and it's more about freaking out the media with his 45 million or so followers on social media with whom he can speak directly. Business as usual doesn't exist anymore. Now, there's a new sheriff in town and the Democrats just cannot stand it! Their days of buying votes with food stamps has lost at the presidential level and America and America’s allies are grateful.

The spokesperson for Mr. Trump was also asked repeatedly recently whether he would consider reversing the steps of President Obama to expel 35 Russian agents from the country who were supposedly interfering in the US election. While he suggested that Obama's actions might have been some sort of political retribution and a little harsh, he said that Trump was going to delay his decisions until he got an intelligence briefing from everyone involved in the matter.

The president-elect is still trying to figure out how to fill his new administration up, and he is due back any time now from his resort in Florida to his apartment in Trump Tower in Manhattan.

It is critical to understand that there is a way in which Trump uses Twitter to influence people and drive a message. This is something which just hasn't been done in the past. The mainstream media has done this to themselves.

Strategic Thinker

Trump is a very strategic thinker and the President-elect always envisions where everything is going to end up before he starts to write a tweet. He used Twitter a lot when he was campaigning and even posted tweets late at night. There are many occasions on which he has driven news coverage simply through his tweets.

The Trump administration is going to now also look at various new methods for communication apart from him using Twitter. The Trump White House will speak with many of the smaller players in the media game including newspapers and bloggers who are usually unrepresented at the press briefings in the White House. This will be a major part of their communications strategy. Let's just hope it works out for Trump the way he thinks it will. It will!
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