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Will Democrats Become the New Party of No?
01/03/2017 Congress Raymond Z
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The Dems have spent 8 years branding the Republicans as "The Party of No". Are they about to change places? As the 115th Congress settles in, there are indications it at least will start that way.
The battle lines are already being drawn, with some of Trump's cabinet picks potentially facing a tough go. While the Republicans would like to continue a relatively quick confirmation process for presidential picks, it appears the Democrats are circling the wagons. According to The Washington Post, there are 8 targets on the "no" list for Democrats.

  • Rex Tillerson: Democrats are expected to make the ExxonMobil CEO's choice as Secretary of State a long process, requesting financial and tax records.
  • Tom Price: Picked to lead the Department of Health and Human Services and therefore, oversight of any changes to Obamacare, Democrats are ruffled because he supports privatizing Medicare.
  • Steve MnuchinShould a former partner of Goldman Sachs serve as Treasury Secretary? Many Dems don't think so and are promising to make approval at least a lengthy process.
  • Andrew PuzderAs Labor Secretary with clear opinions on the benefits of a low minimum wage has drawn concerns and therefore likely resistance from the Left. 
  • Scott Pruitt: Is an Attorney General from an oil producing state like Oklahoma the best choice to lead the Environmental protection Agency? He is a likely target of the "just say no" movement by the Dems.
  • Jeff Sessions: The President-elec's choice for Attorney General has been called "Amnesty's Worst Enemy" in 2014 by The National Review.  The conservative Senator from Alabama has quickly become a close advisor of the President Elect, and almost become his vice-president, according to the Washington Post
  • Mick MulvaneyDescribed as a "Fiscal Hawk", he led the group that ousted John Boehner out as Speaker of the House in 2015. He is Trump's choice to as Director of the Office of Management and Budget and he may have trouble with more than just the Democrats. 
  • Betsy DeVosThe billionaire's choice as Secretary of Education and her interest in privatizing education have raised the ire of many, who are concerned she may destroy public education.

The Democrats are not just positioning themselves to say no to cabinet choices but to wholesale changes in Obamacare and to the tax code. With President-elect Trump already stating plans to repeal many of President Obama's initiatives, and the Democrats digging in, it's not quite clear if the administration will start with a bang or a thud. It will, however, likely start facing a new party of no.

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