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Trump Meets with Al Gore about Climate Change
12/09/2016 Politics Caroline D
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Many people who did not support president-elect Trump during the election are worried about him not caring about the environment. It has been a topic of discussion for many but it may be unwarranted. Just this week, Al Gore was set to meet with Ivanka Trump to discuss climate change but he ended up meeting with president-elect Trump instead. 

While Al Gore did meet with Ivanka, he also said he had a very productive conversation with Mr. Trump. Al Gore said that the goal of the meeting was to find some areas of common ground so they could work together on improving the environmental issues America is facing. Gore also mentioned that that found the conversation to be very interesting and hinted towards the possibility that it would be continued at a later date.

As many people already know, Mr. Trump has referred to climate change as a hoax that was started by the Chinese. Trump did not want to focus on climate change much at all during his campaign for the presidency because his stance was that it did not exist. The fact that he met with Al Gore to discuss the issue this week shows the possibility that he has changed his mind on the subject and may devote some of his time as president to the issue.

Al Gore is not the only one who is trying to start the conversation with Trump. In fact, there is a letter that has been written to Mr. Trump detailing how real climate change is. The letter comes from hundreds of scientists with ties to the field. The letter not only urges president-elect Trump to take action but also details six steps he can take during the process. 

Mr. Trump has been making a lot of moves for the presidency and he is not even in office yet. Since he has already taken some time out of his busy schedule to meet with Al Gore on the issue, it is a good sign that some type of action will be taken. There is no way to know yet what will happen and how far he will go to protect our environment, but this is a step in the right direction. 

We do not yet know when the two will meet again to discuss the issue. This meeting was more about opening the door than doing anything in regards to policy. It will be interesting to see how the next meeting(s) go and where the climate change conversation leads. 

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