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Felony Charges Against St. Louis Couple Show That Democrats Do Not Believe in Second Amendment Rights
07/30/2020 Democrats Benjamin
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Picture the following scenario.

A large group of violent mob is trying to break into your private neighborhood. You cannot call the police, as they have been told by the state administration not to arrest or stop these mobs for any reason. You notice that the mob has dismantled the entrance gate and is trying to rush in.

What would you do in such a scenario?

Any reasonable person would pick up their gun and warn the mob that they are armed and will use deadly force to defend themselves and their property, if needed.

It is exactly what a couple in St. Louis did last month. Unfortunately, they are now facing felony charges.

The Incident in St. Louis

Last month, a large group of Black Lives Matter activists tried to break into a private neighborhood, as part of their protests against the death of George Floyd. When they tried to break the entrance gate, the couple in question – Mark McCloskey and Patricia McCloskey – came out of their residence, pointed a gun at the mob, and warned them that they are armed.

The picture of the couple – the husband armed with a rifle and the wife armed with a handgun – went viral on social media. Law-abiding citizens were happy that the couple was able to defend themselves against the violent mob. ISIS loving liberals, on the other hand, were enraged that the couple brandished weapons at a ‘peaceful gathering of protestors’.

Anyone who has been watching the news for the past two months should know that these are not ‘peaceful protestors’ by any stretch of the imagination. These are a bunch of violent savages who love destroying private and public property, defacing monuments, and assaulting people who dare to stand up for themselves.

The St. Louis couple was entirely justified in arming themselves up at the sight of the violent mob trying to break into their neighborhood. If they hadn’t done so, they might have been brutally assaulted and their house might have been burned to the ground.

The Charges against the Couple

To punish the couple for exercising their second amendment rights, Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has charged them with ‘unlawful use of a weapon’, which is a class E felony in Missouri.

If convicted, the couple might serve a four-year prison sentence, which is absolutely atrocious. There is no reason why two law-abiding, upstanding citizens should be punished for defending themselves and their property. It is not what America represents or believes in.

It goes to show that the Democrats simply do not believe in second amendment rights – especially for white people. The contrast could not be any clearer – large groups of black protestors are allowed to burn things to the ground without worrying about the consequences, whereas a white couple who merely defended themselves is facing felony charges. 

If this does not convince you that voting for the Democrats – at the local, state, or federal level – is a blunder, nothing will. It also proves that there’s no reason at all to live in a ghetto liberal city. Move out!

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