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School Safety Act of 2020

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02/07/2020 Introduced in House Open
02/05/2020 Introduced in House Open


116 HR 5765 IH: School Safety Act of 2020
U.S. House of Representatives
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I116th CONGRESS2d SessionH. R. 5765IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVESFebruary 5, 2020Mr. Larsen of Washington (for himself and Mrs. Brooks of Indiana) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the JudiciaryA BILLTo reauthorize the matching grant program for school security in the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968.
Short title
This Act may be cited as the School Safety Act of 2020.
Matching grant program for school security
Part AA of title I of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 (42 U.S.C. 3797a et seq.) is amended— (1)in section 2701— (A)in subsection (a), by striking and other deterrent measures and inserting , other deterrent measures, and emergency notification and response technologies; and (B)in subsection (b)— (i)by redesignating paragraph (5) as paragraph (6); and (ii)by inserting after paragraph (4) the following: (5)Acquisition and installation of technology for expedited notification of local law enforcement during an emergency.; and (2)in section 2705, by striking fiscal years 2001 through 2009 and inserting fiscal years 2020 through 2024.

Picture Name From Date Type
Rick Larsen D-WA 02/05/2020 Sponsor
Scott Tipton R-CO 02/14/2020 Cosponsor
Thomas Suozzi D-NY 02/12/2020 Cosponsor
Pete Olson R-TX 02/06/2020 Cosponsor
Sheila Lee D-TX 03/10/2020 Cosponsor
Derek Kilmer D-WA 03/02/2020 Cosponsor
Brian Fitzpatrick R-PA 02/10/2020 Cosponsor
Suzan DelBene D-WA 02/10/2020 Cosponsor
Susan Brooks R-IN 02/05/2020 Cosponsor
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02/05/2020 President Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.Action By: House of Representatives
02/05/2020 President Introduced in HouseAction By: House of Representatives
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