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Marketable Record Title Act

Revises rights not affected or extinguished by marketable record titles; revises what types of interests are extinguished by marketable record title; provides that discriminatory restrictions are unlawful & unenforceable; provides certain discriminatory restrictions are extinguished & severed from recorded title transactions; provides requirements for parcel owner to remove discriminatory restriction from covenant or restriction; requires persons with certain interests in land which may be extinguished to file notice to preserve such interests.

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01/24/2020 H 733 c1 Open
11/21/2019 H 733 Filed Open


Picture Name From Date Type
David Smith R-Tallahassee Sponsor
Loranne Ausley D-Tallahassee Cosponsor
Date Branch Action
01/27/2020 House Original reference(s) removed: Transportation and Tourism Appropriations Subcommittee CS referred to Judiciary Committee -HJ 444 Now in Judiciary Committee -HJ 444
01/24/2020 House Pending review of CS under Rule 7.18(c) CS by Civil Justice Subcommittee read 1st time -HJ 437
01/22/2020 House CS by Civil Justice Subcommittee; YEAS 14 NAYS 0
01/17/2020 House On Committee agenda-- Civil Justice Subcommittee, 01/22/20, 8:30 am, Sumner Hall
01/14/2020 House Introduced -HJ 61
12/16/2019 House Referred to Civil Justice Subcommittee; Transportation and Tourism Appropriations Subcommittee; Judiciary Committee -HJ 61
11/21/2019 House Filed
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