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Advanced Well Stimulation Treatment

Prohibits performance of advanced well stimulation treatments; provides that permits for drilling or operating wells do not authorize performance of advanced well treatments.

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11/06/2019 H 547 Filed Open


Picture Name From Date Type
Heather Fitzenhagen R- Sponsor
Jennifer Necole Webb D-Tallahassee Cosponsor
Clovis Watson D-Tallahassee Cosponsor
Carlos Guillermo Smith D-Tallahassee Cosponsor
Evan Jenne D-Tallahassee Cosponsor
Joseph Geller D-Tallahassee Cosponsor
Charles Wesley "Chuck" Clemons R- Cosponsor
Loranne Ausley D-Tallahassee Cosponsor
Date Branch Action
01/14/2020 House Introduced -HJ 45
11/15/2019 House Referred to Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee; Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee; State Affairs Committee -HJ 45
11/06/2019 House Filed
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