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Current Job Openings:

Presently we do not have any paid software positions available. We are sourcing Venture Capital financing and will then be in a position to hire the following roles:

  • ASP.NET MVC Senior Programmer
  • SEO Consultant
  • Web Security Administrator
  • Web Designer
  • Javascript Senior Programmer
  • SQL Database Adminstrator Senior Level
  • HTML Scraper windows forms

Writing Positions Open

We are actively seeking professional writers, especially socially aware, and politically knowledgeble We can pay regular fees, however we are open to other options such as volunteering intially, and/or commission based on click thru advertising.

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Bug Error Report

Please forward any bugs, or errors foudn while using the site. Any links or screenshots would be helpful.

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At the heart of Voteopolis will be the WikiPolis. These are the citizens who care about their political process, and manageging the Politicians and their activities. We require valid ID and proof of residence to qualify as a Volunteer WikiPolis. Please copy Drivers License and Telephone bill, matching the validated telephone used for "Citizen" verification. If you have not already achieved the Role of Citizen, please sign up and verifiy the telephone number first.

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Info Request or Submission

Please ask any questions and we'll get back to you promptly. Also feel free to leave any feedback you wish

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Feature Request

Please provide any feature rerquests you wish added. We are working dilligantly to fill in the gaps and complete this extremely complex and detailed system. Any help with Volunteering in writing, software, data attainment is very much appreciated

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Information Submission

As we are atempting to cover world wide jurisdictions, we are going to require volunteers to provide local data. From national Capitals down to the Small Town meetings. Please upload data in any format you have available, such as csv, or spreadsheets.

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