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A Peace Deal With The Taliban Will Be a Historic Achievement For The Trump Administration
02/18/2020 Trump Administration Benjamin
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The US government is on the verge of signing a historic peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan. As a precursor to the deal, the US government has called for a temporary truce and a week-long reduction in violence in the region, following which an agreement will be signed by the representatives of the US government and the Taliban.

The Bloody History of America’s Involvement in Afghanistan

It has been 18 long years since the United States invaded Afghanistan in an attempt to remove the Taliban from power and to destroy the Al-Qaeda’s safe base of operations in the country.

We actually managed to achieve our objectives in a short span of time. We inflicted severe damage on the Taliban and ousted them from power in Afghanistan. We crippled Al-Qaeda and ensured that their operatives could not train and operate out of their bases in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Yet, despite our successes, we have been embroiled in a violent conflict with the Taliban insurgents in the region for 18 years, during the course of which we have lost thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of billions of taxpayer money.

The bitter truth that the previous administrations refused to admit to is that we can never get rid of the Taliban entirely from Afghanistan. They enjoy immense support from the public and are actually hailed as heroes for standing up to the hegemony of Western forces.

Moreover, resolving age-old conflicts between various Islamic factions in the region is not our responsibility. We wanted to avenge the deaths of US citizens in the 9/11 attack and we have done it. We have no business being in Afghanistan anymore – though an occasional drone or air attack may be necessary.

How Trump Is Changing the Status Quo in Afghanistan

During the run-up to the 2016 election, Trump stated in no uncertain terms that he wanted to get the US forces out of Afghanistan. He promised that he will do everything in his power to end the quagmire in Afghanistan and bring our troops home.

Trump’s proposal is extremely popular with the American public – especially working class Americans who have lost many of their family members in the Afghanistan war.

According to the terms of the peace deal, the US government is expected to withdraw the troops stationed in Afghanistan gradually over a period of 18 months.

Trump’s proposed peace deal with the Taliban is similar to Nixon’s proposal to end the Vietnam War in 1972. During his first term, President Nixon de-escalated the war in Vietnam and created a favorable environment for ending the war completely. It was not an easy decision to make, since the conflict in Vietnam was an extremely polarizing issue over which the civil society was sharply divided.

Still, Nixon did what he thought was the right thing and ended the war completely in 1972. Shortly after, he was re-elected to the White House with a comfortable majority. Going by Trump’s actions so far, we can expect history to repeat itself and ensure a landslide victory for Trump in 2020.

It also helps the economy is amazing as well! It is hard to ignore all those minerals in Afghanistan though. Some people believe America should not forget Afghanistan is loaded in resources.

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