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keywords: New Mexico Unemployment Dipping economy employment opportunities Benjamin 06/18/2019 New Mexico Benjamin

The Barney Frank and Alan Greenspan Recession of December 2007 hit many states in the US but it seems that New Mexico has still not made a full recovery. The rate of unemployment in the state was six percent in 2017 and continues to be persistently high. There are only a couple of states in the country that are doing worse than this and they are ran by liberals too.

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keywords: Unaffordable Housing Lack of Employment Lack of Road Safety Benjamin 06/18/2019 Oregon Benjamin

In recent years, Oregon has often been described as a failed state or as a state that is not worth living. The only thing that is growing in this state is the homeless population. There are multiple reasons for this.

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keywords: The Golden Triangle Mississippi Economic Freedom development Benjamin 06/18/2019 Mississippi Benjamin

According to The Heritage Foundation’s 2017 Index of Economic Freedom, the highlight of the Golden Triangle in Mississippi has been “entrepreneurial dynamism." The Golden Triangle has been creating jobs for the American people for quite some time. The rural area known as the Golden Triangle, that includes the towns of Columbus, Starkville, and West Point, witnessed extensive employment loss following the Great Recession.

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keywords: Robert Mueller Bob Mueller American jurisprudence President Trump Benjamin 06/07/2019 Bob Mueller Benjamin

Robert Mueller is notorious for illicitly targeting innocents. Nothing could be worse for American jurisprudence than a prosecutor who lacks the judgement and credibility to lead anyone’s prosecution and one who is vengeful enough to not care about right and wrong.

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keywords: Democrats 2020 Elections presidential election candidates Democratic primary voters Benjamin 05/28/2019 Democrats Benjamin

Electability cannot be gauged accurately each and every time, especially for presidential election candidates, so one must exercise caution while predicting the win or loss of any candidate.

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keywords: John McCain political player Trump Vietnam Benjamin 05/28/2019 John McCain Benjamin

From late 1960s up until 1997, John McCain was a known figure in America and mainly because of the honor he showed while being in captivity in Vietnam.   He was at first America’s hero; a naval aviator who was a political prisoner and later, was a political player for many decades. 

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keywords: Democratic Party Party leaders Donald Trump Benjamin 05/19/2019 Democratic Party Benjamin

The Democratic party seems to be at the lowest point in its history, and incredibly enough, it still seems to be going downhill in direct proportion to every political victory of President Donald Trump.

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keywords: Charles Darwin Greatest Scientists Religious individuals atheist Benjamin 05/19/2019 Religious Benjamin

Charles Darwin, the most famous biologist of all time, was a firm believer in God. Later in his life, he did experience conflict while following his strain of Christianity devoutly.

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keywords: corrupt officials Deep State Trump administration Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Benjamin 05/16/2019 corrupt officials Benjamin

The existence of the “Deep State” has been an issue of contention. But recent news has not only provided proof of its existence but also shows that it is way more dangerous to American liberty than what was first considered.

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