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keywords: Robert Mueller Bob Mueller American jurisprudence President Trump Benjamin 06/07/2019 Bob Mueller Benjamin

Robert Mueller is notorious for illicitly targeting innocents. Nothing could be worse for American jurisprudence than a prosecutor who lacks the judgement and credibility to lead anyone’s prosecution and one who is vengeful enough to not care about right and wrong.

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keywords: Democrats 2020 Elections presidential election candidates Democratic primary voters Benjamin 05/28/2019 Democrats Benjamin

Electability cannot be gauged accurately each and every time, especially for presidential election candidates, so one must exercise caution while predicting the win or loss of any candidate.

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keywords: John McCain political player Trump Vietnam Benjamin 05/28/2019 John McCain Benjamin

From late 1960s up until 1997, John McCain was a known figure in America and mainly because of the honor he showed while being in captivity in Vietnam.   He was at first America’s hero; a naval aviator who was a political prisoner and later, was a political player for many decades. 

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keywords: Democratic Party Party leaders Donald Trump Benjamin 05/19/2019 Democratic Party Benjamin

The Democratic party seems to be at the lowest point in its history, and incredibly enough, it still seems to be going downhill in direct proportion to every political victory of President Donald Trump.

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keywords: Charles Darwin Greatest Scientists Religious individuals atheist Benjamin 05/19/2019 Religious Benjamin

Charles Darwin, the most famous biologist of all time, was a firm believer in God. Later in his life, he did experience conflict while following his strain of Christianity devoutly.

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keywords: corrupt officials Deep State Trump administration Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Benjamin 05/16/2019 corrupt officials Benjamin

The existence of the “Deep State” has been an issue of contention. But recent news has not only provided proof of its existence but also shows that it is way more dangerous to American liberty than what was first considered.

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keywords: Bill De Blasio NYC Mayor Destroy the City Private Property Benjamin 05/16/2019 Bill De Blasio Benjamin

Job killing NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio has viciously turned on his own town and banned New York’s classic glass and steel skyscrapers that have become the city’s identity.

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keywords: Venezuela population of Venezuela President of Venezuela Venezuelan leaders Benjamin 05/06/2019 Venezuela Benjamin

Venezuela’s misfortunes began to rise when Hugo Chavez famously proclaimed a new beginning of people power and social justice on the fateful day on the 6th of December 1998. The leftwing populist said that Venezuela will be resurrected and no one will be able to stop it. The sea of euphoric supporters cheered at Chavez addressed them after winning the election. How stupid were those people?

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keywords: Corrupt Deep State Obama Federal Bureaucrats corrupt network Benjamin 05/06/2019 corruption Benjamin

The US is witnessing history as a highly corrupt network of career officials (“The Deep State”) is on the verge of getting exposed. These officials have not only been actively working against President Trump but also the well-being of the American people much to the delight of Iran and all our enemies like most of the members of The View.

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