View information on every politician from the local to national level. View previous voting records, educational and career experience and other biographical information. When you use Voteopolis, you no longer have to rely on campaign produced materials to get desired information on politicians of interest to you.

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Voteopolis seeks to provide information about every jurisdiction in the world, including the most local. Users can set their own preferred jurisdiction which will display search results based on that chosen jurisdiction. It is said that all politics are local and Voteopolis connects you with the important political issues near you.

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Political Contributors

Voteopolis and its members work to uncover political contributors, whether individuals or organizations, who are funding a political party, politician or cause. We “follow the money”, tracking funds, their source, their destination, and their links to all involved entities.

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This is Voteopolis

Voteopolis is the interactive resource for everything political. Do you want to know a politician's legislative voting record? Would you like to see the special interests groups that are providing funding for a candidate or cause? Do you have an interest in staying on top of what bills are being introduced? Voteopolis tracks it all through a growing volunteer citizenry.

A Volunteer Driven Platform

Rather than needing to be voted into office, Voteopolis allows citizens to maintain a granular control over the political process. At Voteopolis, we create an environment that replicates attendance at every briefing, committee meeting and vote. You can even Vote on the Bill, suggest changes to it, or create a petition and send to all pertinent representative parties.

Our data is member-updated by verified individuals. If your favorite candidate is not included, you can add details and updates to the Politician’s Wiki to help the public better understand candidates, backgrounds and issues.

Choose the Membership Level Appropriate for You

Memberships on Voteopolis come in three different levels:

  1. Tourist Level - Tourist level members have access to view all of the content on Voteopolis.

  2. Citizen Level – Citizen Level members are confirmed via telephone or through Facebook. At this level, members are permitted to create petitions, submit comments and to Vote.

  3. WikiPolis LevelWikiPolis members must apply for this volunteer position with valid proof of ID and a telephone number. WikiPolis are granted access to edit Wiki info, and upload and edit political data from the jurisdictions.

Voteopolis cuts through political marketing, posturing and rhetoric to provide readers with a wealth of fact-based political data. We dig deeper than soundbites, catchphrases and clever memes to deliver valuable information in a range of political spectrums.

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Political Affiliations

Votepolis drills deeper than just a politician's political party affiliation. We explore memberships in clubs and organizations, corporate sponsorships, and associations with charities. We even look at associations with fellow politicians, VIPs and other people of influence.

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Bills and Legislation

Bills and legislation are the cornerstone of the political process. At Voteopolis, we provide the opportunity for visitors to review every aspect of each pending bill as it moves through the legislative process. The Voteopolis Bill Dash Board provides detailed Bill Voting Histories, Bill Sponsors and Co-sponsors, Actions, Committees, and Committee Reports. We lift the veil on the legislative process, providing organized and in-depth details on the bills of interest to you.

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Interactive and Involved

Voteopolis encourages members to take part in the political process by providing the tools and information to provide for a more informed electorate.

Comments and Voting - All Citizen Level or higher members can comment and vote on entities and even other comments. We encourage civil discourse and participation from members to continue to make Voteopolis a vibrant, politically-focus platform.

Wiki Enabled - Politician, Bill Committee, or Political Party entries may be edited by WikiPolis Level or higher members. We encourage you to
apply to be a Wiki Editor Volunteer.

Social Media We make it easy to share voting, comments, petitions and membership info through all major social media platforms. Help us grow Voteopolis by connecting your social media.

Blogs - Our blogs are created and uploaded by WikiPolis Level members or higher. Our blogs may include links to other pertinent or interesting news stories, articles written by staff, other members, or third parties.
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Subscriptions Based on membership level, registrants can subscribe to changes in entities, edit political data, create and join petitions, write and edit blogs, offer comments on entities, vote on entities and user comments and make Wiki edits. Be as involved as you like!  

PetitionsPetitions are created by Voteopolis members of a Citizen Level or higher. While all members can vote and comment on a petition, only WikiPolis Level members can edit the petition.
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Voteopolis...Returning “We the people” to the political process.

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